About Amanda

amanda de andrade brazilian portuguese voice artist and english voice over studio voice actress and voice talent

Amanda de Andrade is a bilingual (American English - Brazilian Portuguese), full-time voice actress, dubbing talent, casting director and audio engineer.

She's the owner of a broadcasting quality recording studio and co-founder of an established company in Brazil that connects Dubbing studios, Voice Over Artists, Creative Directors & Localization agencies in America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Amanda's life

Prolific youth

Amanda was born in Campinas City, São Paulo State, Brazil. At 5 years old, she began experimenting with all kinds of art, from plastic arts, painting and jewelry design to acting, dancing and performing.

At 12, she moved to Minas Gerais State and joined Maestro Ivan Silva Music Conservatory, to study Music Theory and Classical Guitar.

During her studies, she was the spalla of the Classical Guitar Orchestra and a soprano singer in choirs, with which she performed in international festivals and theaters.

In parallel, she learned the piano by herself and started writing poetry.

At the age of 16, she was invited by a book publishing company to publish a book of stories called "Buquê de Palhetas e outros contos", with an authorial illustration.

At 17, she had already composed +100 pieces for voice, piano and guitar and had participated in 5 exhibitions with her writing and plastic art.

Even though her artistry was supported during her youth, when it came to deciding a career, everyone was expecting her to be a physician.

Break of expectations

Her family was mostly composed of engineers, educators and physicians.

So it made sense that by being an exceptional student, she was destined to enter the most concurred course in Brazil - the Medical School. And she did it.

She was admitted to fifteen Universities, both for Engineering and Medical bachelor.

Begrudgingly, she moved to Viçosa to study at the Medical Federal College - only to drop out 72 hours after her arrival, leave her furniture behind in the apartment, and flee to Southern Brazil to study Music.

I remember that day very clearly... I had everything ready for the next day - tickets, luggage, money, everything. I felt I was obliged to at least call my family and let them know that I was leaving everything behind. And the news was received in the worst scenario. I hadn't prepared myself for that. Things got out of my control. Yes, I knew everyone would be disappointed and mourning with me - but I didn't expect that everybody would really take action against my decision, trying to prevent me from flying. It was hard to sleep that night before the flight and at sunrise, I grabbed more than I could possibly carry and left even more behind me. I was alone with 7 suitcases, a guitar on my back, a bag full of books, my entire life, all around me. I still don't know how I managed to carry all that weight.

At the airport and at the hotel, authorities and family members tried to prevent her from fleeing.

That embarrassing situation lasted 10 days, and finally, she was a thousand miles away to start a new life, meet her to-be husband and study music.

My family's mobilization was colossal. At the same time, I understand why everyone was sad and desperate. But it was my life that was at stake. I was taking a huge step towards music and freedom, but I can't say I was happy and proud at that moment. I was really sad and ashamed. But I also was 100% sure I couldn't give up or regress one inch. I kept strong, with my ears shut. I won by endurance.

A love story amidst a family war

Few people knew what I was about to do in that February 2011 - one of them being my husband now. We had known each other on Twitter 4 months before and it was love at first glance, or better, at first tweet.

Now that a decade has passed, it's funny to think that I could have done everything I wanted in life. I could have been successful and reasonably happy being a doctor, scientist, psychologist, engineer, lawyer... When I completed high school, I had the grade to go to whatever College I wanted.

I guess that huge variety of options overwhelmed me... but this weight also catalyzed my decision towards what I really was crazy about art, music, sound and voice. Not to mention the love of my life, who was waiting for me in Santa Catarina when I arrived. We hadn't been with each other before that 28th February 2012, the day when I arrived in Florianopolis, yet he supported me during the most difficult days of my life.

It's time to have a voice

In 2015, while she was working strictly with Music Production, Orchestration and Audio Engineering, her husband suggested she search for voice-over.

Before I started recording voice-overs, in 2015, I was already very familiar with the audio and sound industries. I was really focused on Music at that time. Although, I took very seriously what he told me. Then I produced a demo. Then the magic happened. Clients were always happy and works were always multiplying. I never stopped since then.

My activities flowed naturally from sound and music to voice-over and narration. It was like I had been prepared my whole life for this. My passion for colors, timbres, poetry, language, subtleties, design, stories, sounds and impressions, form and content, emotions... everything led me to express myself through voice. When I act and use my voice, I bring to the table all I've learned, experimented with, discovered, researched and created in all areas of my life.


Amanda loves crafting, all things handmade and miniature.

She still composes and plays the piano.

With her husband, she learned to enjoy nature and adventures in the countryside, but she still prefers urban, elegant and sophisticated places.

They are a family and have a lovely blue Malinois Shepherd, called Frappé.

The world and her community

Between 2012 and 2015, she managed a self-funded project called "Como Aprender Violão" ("How to Play the Guitar") on YouTube and social media.

The project's goal was to entertain and educate children through videos, lessons and supporting material on Music Theory and Classical & Folk Guitar techniques.

However, the hand-drawn animation combined with the 18-year-old girl's charisma brought additional interest to the initiative and allowed the project to reach a Brazilian public of all ages. Access to the content was free.

Amanda's lifestyle is based on organic, real food and natural, peak-performance habits.

She and her family support small, local organic farmers and artisans in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Her work with voice & brands

What does Amanda produce in her studio?

Along with Creative Directors, CMOs, Entrepreneurs and Audio Producers, she creates unique and tactic vocal sound designs in the form of voice-over, dubbing tracks, narration and other voice recordings.

Most frequent projects

  • Voice-overs for:
    • Advertisement, Commercial, Promo and Trailer
    • Corporate, Business and Product Presentation
    • Education, eLearning, Course, Intranet and Training
    • Voicemail, Phone system, On-hold and Greeting messages
    • Virtual Tour, Guides, Documentation, Websites, Instructions and Tutorials
    • Audiobooks, Documentaries and Narration
  • Dubbing, ADR and synchronization for:
    • Film, Series and Movies
    • Cartoons and Animation
    • Industrial, Technical and employee eLearning localization
    • Courses, Modules and eLearning episodes for selling
    • Video Games
    • Commercial and Courses
  • Prompt recordings for IVR, VUI, Voice UX, Apps, Telephony and Systems,
  • Voice Acting, Singing and Character Development for Entertainment, Animation, Narration, Poetry, Storytelling and Game Localization.

In additionally to voice-over recordings, her studio also provides:

  • Translation from UK and American English to Brazilian Portuguese ( UK.EN-BR.PT and US.EN BR.PT)
  • Real-time Interpretation from US English to Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa
  • Character development: Children (boy and girl), Creatures, AI, Teens, Middle Age Females and Seniors Male and Female
  • Accents: American, Russian, European Portuguese and Brazilian
  • Brazilian dialects: neutral, paulista, carioca, mineiro and catarinense (manezinho)
  • On-camera, Spokesperson, Interviews and Ambassador position
  • Podcasts and Radio Imaging Production.

How does Amanda's voice sound like?

She serves clients primarily with her young, irreverent, authentic, conversational read with a warm tone and a fresh scent.

Approachable, genuine, chilled, orange, yellow, in jeans, beefy, energetic, bold, loose, friendly, and empowered are some adjectives her voice has been most related with.

Her habitual contralto voice sits around 25-30 years old and is naturally full, steady, round and frequency-rich.

The second more requested vocal profile is sophisticated, light, classic, luxurious and delicate.

My voice is naturally warm, deep and reassuring, that's how you'll hear me when I'm being Amanda, whether I'm excited, angry, or contemplative (laughs). However, the most requested voice by far is somewhere an octave above: my younger, energetic, casual, super happy version.

Clients also rely on her acting, musical and creative skills to create impersonations, characters, ages, extreme emotions, novel timbres and specific vocal attributes in Brazilian Portuguese and American English.

The vocal skills that she has learned in the last decade have broadened her techniques and deepened her palette to unlimited and continually fresh colors and nuances.

I like thinking about my voice as a canvas. On this blank, white canvas, I've already painted a robot's voice, an ethereal AI conversation, a grumpy fox, a fairy, a bitter warrior, an acidic villain that plays with poison, even a baby. [...]

What's her own way of doing things?

In the last couple of years, she's been conducting independent research on Voice and Sound in intersection with Music & Orchestration, Design and Psychoacoustics.

The result of this research is a framework for Voice Over Design with an extensive parametric detailing of vocal attributes.

The framework is based on vocal attributes, sound parameters and psychoacoustics research. It's updated monthly with insights and data from projects, users' feedback, experiments and discoveries about voice.

By combining the client's artistic direction and preferences with her own framework, she plans her performance based on solid, measurable results.

Clients often approve her full recordings at first - it's an indicator that planning the performance within her framework has provided faster production stages.

Furthermore, her systematic approach to voice-over projects has helped companies' growth and ranking in many industries.

Her experience includes:

  • Being the lead Portuguese voice of Nike Training Club, one of the top 3 Fitness Apps by Forbes;
  • Creating revenue and growing interaction for the most sold apps and games for children on Google Store;
  • Nurturing the Female Brazilian Portuguese role for Discovery Education, the biggest company in the USA and UK focused on K-12 Education
  • Currently engaging target audience through massive paid advertisements for Localiza & Itaú, the biggest bank in Brazil.

In the last decade, I’ve designed and recorded voice-overs for the top brands and most profitable companies in the world. By approaching voice-over recording artistically as well as scientifically, I provide tactical, novel vocal sound design for growth. I help my clients build and implement these designs by applying my framework in a simple offline recording (when the client gives instructions and direction and then I record alone, on my own) or in a live-directed, online, remote recording session (when we can interact and apply my framework in real-time, like we were recording and exchanging ideas inside the same room).

What are her areas of specialization and expertise?

Since her very first project, she's been an insider in Well-being, Self-Help and Meditation ecosystems.

She has had the privilege of being cast and invited to be part of more than 15 world leader companies in Mental and Body Health.

Only to mention a few: Nike, Asana Rebel, Lojong, Wellness Coach and The Tapping Solution.

Since her childhood, this niche has always been her natural habitat and her personal path.

I used to spend half of my free time on self-help books when I was only eight. The other half was spent on cute stationary items (laughs). Developing my intuition, my health and my creativity was a serious endeavor for me, even being still a small child. I simply knew that life was inviting me to dive in and I felt the urge to surrender myself to its mysteries.

The other 2 areas she's a specialist in are Children's Education & Entertainment and Character Development for Storytelling, Animation & Games.

Working with children is natural for me. Not only because I'm a mother, or because I love to learn and teach, but especially because I am sensitive and compassionate to children's development for have been teaching children for many years. My husband dedicated his Academic studies to Education and Literature, and I've learned much from him and applied it in all my projects focused on children, from alphabetization and elementary school with Go Kids, to secondary and high school with Discovery Education.

Well, character development is what I've been doing since I started writing at 12 (laughs). I have hundreds of characters, voices, stereotypes and creatures in my mind. I've released some of them in my stories, drawings and songs, but they won't stop multiplying. To polish their expression, I've been deepening my acting skills and studying character development in all aspects: visual, motion, vocal and linguistic.

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