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It's fast to browse for relevant questions and answers on this FAQ page. Amanda is continuously updating this user-friendly list with important questions and new information that has been impacting positively her work with partners and clients.

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Can I be sure you'll follow my instructions?

Yes, because I create a personalized project file, and fill a brief form, where we define the scope of the project, including the original script ready to be recorded; file(s) you expect to receive at the end; preferences, expectations, instructions, everything you want me to follow and respect.

After our conversation, I'll use my framework to transform your instructions into a tactical, tailored voice-over.

But what if I still don't like the result?

We'll always get back to the project's brief and your instructions to have an objective, clear reference in any case of modification, improvement, or revision request.

The planning, recording, and delivery of my services are guided by your brief.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of my work or even the whole service, I will be completely available to discuss what can be improved to meet your needs and to find in which aspect your expectation was different from my delivery and the brief.

That way, I’m sure we can find a solution together.

What equipment will be used in my recording?

I record in a treated, isolated vocal booth on a Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone and a Focusrite Scarlet interface.

I can use ProTools or Adobe Audition CC.

My audio has been approved and requested by multiple engineers and studios, including through remote-directed sessions for Amazon.

If needed, we can use Source Connect Standard or other remote recording software of your preference.

Can you go to another studio to record?

Yes, I can. Let's discuss the details through email.

Can we schedule a remote live-directed session?

Yes, absolutely. Because of the extraordinary successful experiences with American and European studios, I encourage you to book a meeting, call or remote-directed session if you have specific, minute requests regarding the performance/pronunciation or if you would like to direct me and see the magic happen as we were together in the studio.

You can monitor my performance recording and provide real-time feedback through the majority of teleconferencing apps (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, WhatsApp, Skype...) or you can record me in real-time through Source Connect, Session Link Pro, VST Connect and Clean Feed.

What's your turnaround time?

I usually reply in 30 minutes and deliver urgent recordings in less than 1 hour, in or out of business hours.

If the project is up to 30 minutes of finished, edited audio, and it doesn't require such urgency, I can deliver on the same day.

Feel free to share what are your needs and concerns so I can check my availability to match your schedule.

Where can I download your voice-over demos?

You can download my demos at the Download Voice Over Demos page. You can also find more demos in my professional storage of English & Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over Samples and videos on my Vimeo profile.

If you didn't find the tone, style, interpretation, vocal attributes or traits you are looking for, send me a message.

I have a plethora of additional demos and specific samples in my repository.

Could you record a sample of my script?

Yes, I can record a sample if it is needed.

Send me a message with the script, the artistic direction and a short explanation of why you need a tailored sample.

What payment methods do you use?

I receive payments through Payoneer, Paypal, credit cards and proprietary bank accounts in Brazil and the US, in Euros (€), American Dollars (US$), Sterling Pounds (£) and Brazilian Reais (R$). Send me a message if you need to pay with any other method or coin.

How much does it cost to hire a voice actor?

It depends on the project's size, its artistical, technical and studio requirements, as well as the usage and exposition of the voice and performance. The math is simple: I charge based on the time, infrastructure and energy invested in the task. Most projects fall into this simplified category. If the project has a special kind of usage, request or paid promotion, we'll find an agreement on the final price and the rights' concession.

Do you charge for the Commercial Rights fee?

Almost always, but that's not something to worry about.

It simply means that I acknowledge my voice will be used for commercial purposes, that I allow you to use it under the circumstances you mentioned, and that the service's price reflects that.

In other words, if my voice will be associated with a brand, a product, a company, a firm, an ideology or a third-party property that can involve money and commercial transactions, I'll concede commercial rights.

So if my voice will not be used in a small, personal, non-lucrative, limited occasion, and if you are a business, agency, company, studio, or developer intending to expand your idea or sell a product, video or service with my voice, chances are you'll receive the commercial rights without even needing to think about it or requesting it.

Do you charge for the Broadcasting Rights fee?

Sometimes. Broadcasting Rights and their price reflect the size and the quality of the audience along with my formal authorization of the usage of my voice in extraordinary situations: usually for paid advertisement and promoted content.

If the project will be broadcast (TV, Radio, Streaming, Internet...), paid to be advertised, used in paid channels or boosted/promoted posts, chances are the audience will be bigger than if it was only organic.

The expected revenue and impact of a paid advertisement are high, so it is the exposure, the requirements and the expected peak performance of the voice actor.

Do you sign NDAs and contracts?

Yes, always when it is requested and I can comply with it (in case of being exclusive to a brand or competitor, for example).

I also delete permanently those files that are under NDA and by a consequence, I also don't expose in my portfolio those projects that are asked not to be shared.

Do you offer the Buy-out, in perpetuity option?

It's a possibility. If the project requires a buy-out or my permission to split, rearrange, and re-sell my vocal recordings, send me a message and we discuss the details.

Do you offer exclusivity?

I've been offering exclusivity for some brands, so if your project requires exclusivity and non-competitor relations, it's a clause that we can discuss and agree on.

Please, send me a message with the details of the contract.

Could we work within a limited, fixed budget?

Price is only one of a dozen things that must be aligned to make a deal.

I don't dismiss a project simply by the budget.

Requirements, size of the project, quality of audience, level of difficulty, quality of communication, and project's organization - those are some of the characteristics that impact the price as well as everyone's well-being throughout the project.

So even if you have a limited or pre-fixed budget, know that this is not what's most important.

Keep in mind that it may be possible to readjust the quote or the workflow according to your budget - if I can, I'll do it, with the highest quality, as always.

If not, I'll let you know and point out the reason.

I'm aware of the industry standard rates but I'm not tied to them or limited to them.

Sometimes they are too high, sometimes they are too low.

For this, I stay flexible enough to accommodate reasonable budgets, especially for large projects.

Do you have a versatile voice?

Yes, I have a flexible voice in terms of age, emotions, timbres and pitch range.

Voice acting is an art and I have been performing and studying the vocal technique and exercising my creativity since I was a kid.

If you are not sure as I am of my full vocal range and acting skills, you can ask me about my previous works with a specific vocal characteristic or request an audition, if crucial.

Do you charge for re-recordings?

In summary, I'm very flexible and often offer unlimited revisions for most projects.

Of course, no project has needed such an amount of revisions and 90% of the projects are approved in the first delivery, but that's a way to tell my clients that I'm fully committed to the result and their expectations.

So there is no additional cost if you find any divergence between my delivery and your instructions or if you want to try 2-3 different intonations or interpretations before I record the final, full, edited version.

An additional fee can be applied in the case of a change in the artistic direction, original brief or script, for example.

Do you teach how to do voice-overs?

No. Currently, I only offer programs and individual/group mentoring and coaching on Public Speaking, Oral Communication and Vocal Design for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, public speakers and professionals who want to tailor their voice and their presence.

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