English Voice Over Talent with a Brazilian Portuguese Accent

brazilian voice over studio neumann tlm 103 microphone anti pop vocal booth

Amanda (native Brazilian Portuguese & English voice actress) has been adding unique blends of American / Transatlantic English and Brazilian Portuguese voices and accents from Brazil for several bespoke projects.

ENGLISH - Casual , Warm, Hot, Inviting - Podcast Intro

Her most requested tones are natural, casual, real-person, genuine and warm along with empowered, confident and strong. Keep scrolling and you'll find several styles and tones of voice.

BRAZILIAN - Reel with neutral accent or from Sao Paulo & Rio

Take advantage of a truly unique voice and world-class service for your project: talk to Amanda about your project and hire a professional voice over talent.

FORD FOUNDATION - Pure, Innocent, Empathetic, Sincere

Corporate - English, Empathetic, Sincere - Brazilian Portuguese native accent Female Voice Over

She sees the demand for natural, native bilingual (English & Brazilian) voice talents soar in America.

Download demos in neutral English or with accent

Below you can download some of her featured voiceover projects in English with or without accents from Brasil:

English Demo Reel with Brazilian & LatAm accents

American English with Brazilian accents - Several styles

MP3 with background music

Confident, Straightforward yet Charming - ML
Pure, Innocent, Empathetic - Ford Foundation
Casual , Friendly, Inviting - Podcast Intro
Cheerful, Teen, Sweet - for Children

Raw WAVE without music & effects

Heavy Brazilian Accent, Conversational, eLearning
American English, Knowledgeable, Informative

Audiobook Narration in English

Standard Narrator + Ficticious Animal Characters - Funny
Narrator + Real Person M/F Characters - Charismatic
Narrator + Male Characters - Introspective, Profound

Discover more about Amanda's Premium ACX Audiobook Production.

After all, Brazilian Portuguese (or "Português Brasileiro" as we call it in Brazil) is a language highly appreciated:

  • Brazil has 214 million native speakers;

  • We export Entertainment and eLearning in our own accent for other Portuguese speakers (from Brasil to Portugal and African countries);

  • We are rich in valuable, critical resources,

  • We are rich in people, contrasts and culture: Indigenous, African, European, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish colonies among other welcome groups,

  • We export art and creativity,

  • We have all classes of consumers, including a thick upper class, a solid elite and other groups that are willing to invest money and time in high-end products and services, as well as in luxury and differentiated education.

  • And we have the most profitable corporations and industries here, both international and native companies.

Those seem to be the major reasons why Brazilian Portuguese voice artists and dubbing or ADR talents are so requested.

And at some point, if you are serious about your business, you will need to hire a bilingual Brazilian Portuguese professional voice artist who can match the high level that's expected from European and American audiences and consumers.

Oxford's Little Blue Dot - Human voice, Warm, Genuine, Inspiring

Oxford's Little Blue Dot - Human voice, Genuine, Sweet, Inspiring

Therefore, a simple Brazilian Portuguese native speaker acquainted with EN or a Brazilian voice talent orally fluent in English is not enough to cut through. The voice talent must not only be fluent in discussing the project but must be intentional while acting in native English. And such a talented voice actor is like a pearl in the ocean.

Understanding client's directions in English is nothing more than a necessity. It's ordinary.

Extraordinary is to blend English and Brazilian accents in a unique way, while still being clear and accurate.

If done right according to the project's aesthetic, it can be mesmerizing, magnetic, exotic, whimsical, attractive, or even quirky, or innocent. It can add transparency and purity. It can add a brand new scent, for this blend has never been experimented before.

That's what truly, high-end voice acting is about.

MERCADO LIBRE - Confident, Genuine, Straightforward yet Charming

Mercado Livre - Confident, Genuine, Charming - English Portuguese Brazilian Female Voice Over

OXFORD UNIVERSITY - International English voice over with Brazilian Portuguese Accent - Genuine, Inspiring, Growing

![International English voice over with Brazilian Portuguese Accent - Genuine, Inspiring, Growing]https://player.vimeo.com/progressive_redirect/playback/875704691/rendition/1440p/file.mp4?loc=external&log_user=0&signature=f492560da524f1ad88fc7c75549f3722278aebbd6f6076493ec4630b55d24cef

REDBULL TV - Trailer, On-Air Promotion - Laid Back, Influencer style - Voice Over with foreign accent

Trailer, on-Air Promotion - Laid Back, Influencer style - Voice Over with foreign accent

BBC PODCAST - Dubbing Marina Silva, Natural, Testimony, Free Style VO

BBC Podcast - Dubbing Marina Silva, Natural, Testimony, Free Style - Brazilian Portuguese Female Voice Over fluent in English

LOVE BY MATCH - Intimate, Poetic, Warm Voice

Love By Match - Intimate, Poetic, Warm - English with Brazilian Portuguese accent - Bilingual Female Voice Talent

AIR HELP - Friendly, International English, Supportive

Air Help - Friendly, International Supportive - English with Portuguese Accent - Brazilian Female Voice Overs

ANNA - Undead World Game - Bold, Expressive, Vigorous Interpretation

Video Games Voice Over- Voice acting for games - English with Portuguese Accent - Brazilian Female Voice Overs & Voice actress

EUROPE TALKS PODCAST - Indigenous Dubbing, Natural, Conversational

Europe Talks Podcast - Indigenous Dubbing, Natural, Conversational - Brazilian Portuguese Female Voice Over fluent in English

Broadcasting Voice Over Home Studio

My Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone and its shockmount
My soundboard/amplifier Focusrite Scarlet Solo i3, D'Addario Planet Waves XLR cables, and Sony MDR-7506 Monitor Headphones pluged in
My Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone, its shockmount and anti-pop, in my vocal booth
My Home Studio, Vocal Booth, PC and Piano


  • Ambient: Vocal Booth (room within the room) isolated from outside noise (noise floor below -65 dBFS) with internal acoustic treatment
  • Condenser Microfone: Neumann TLM 103
  • Monitor Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
  • Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlet solo i3
  • XLR Cables: D'Addario Planet Waves Custom Series
  • Desktop PC: build on demand for heavy video processing - Silentio Series
  • Screens and Monitors: complete setup of 3 screens for Dubbing, Synchronization, Meetings and Directed Remote Recordings
  • Software: Avid ProTools and Adobe Audition CC2023


  • Source Connect Standard (recorded on client's and/or Amanda's studio): amandadeandrade
  • Online remote live directed sessions (recorded on Amanda's studio): Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and other apps.
  • Internet: stable, optical fiber wired internet (500Mb)
  • Availability: for urgent, last-minute bookings; 24/7 for recording sessions in multiple timezones.

Specific benefits for your project

When it comes to true communication and touching lives, it is important to understand how, instead of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or synthesized voice, a human, real-person voice is incomparably more precise in playing our deep, most profound emotional strings. In each project she carries on, clients benefit from her meticulous acting, musical, and creative skills. She's able to enrich a script and turn words into a live, real-time, not scripted experience.

Conveniences for you

What's most expected from a voice actress for a Brazilian English recording is:

  • experience, fluency and knowledge about the English language, different accents, phonemes, and how to tweak the sound of consonants, vowels, melodies and local vices.
  • ability to work along with creative directors, audio producers, studio owners and the team involved and receive multiple inputs or even immediate requests;
  • vocal flexibility and creativity to implement quickly and accurately what the director is asking;
  • and invisible acting - nothing can be or sound fake in voice-over.

Vocal Versatility and Locale Accuracy

Amanda's vocal range and creativity allow a variety of real and unique roles and characters in English. She developed characters such as:

  • Children (boy and girl)
  • Creatures and AI
  • Female Teen
  • Middle Age Female
  • Seniors Male and Female.
Amanda's studio also provides male and children voice-overs
Amanda's studio also provides male and children voice-overs

She performs intrinsically the following accents and dialects:

  • Accents: American, Russian, European and Brazilian
  • Brazilian native dialects: neutral, paulista, carioca, mineiro and catarinense (manezinho).

Additional & complementary services

Besides having those characteristics, Amanda also:

  • records remotely in her home studio, both offline (with multiple takes for the producers to pick) and online (in a remote-directed session through Source Connect, for example);

  • records on-site or in another preferred studio in Brazil (can travel abroad if needed);

  • deliver raw yet clear audio files, with expressivity, dynamics and range;

  • translates and adapts scripts to make them sound even more natural, compelling, organic, native or "speakable";

  • proposes unique blends of accents and can help develop ideas, copywriting & brief, all the way to casting, directing, recording, curating music, mixing and mastering the final piece;

  • is a latina Voice Casting Director and she can select the perfect Brazilian voices for your project. She has Brazilian, European and regional Portuguese male and female additional voices among a selected group of seasoned or freelance voice over actors, actresses and voice talents. Fell free to mention the diversity and level of accessibility you want, along with which gender, voice type, accent, age and tone you are looking for your targeted region or audience.

If you need fully edited audio files, feel free to ask. Producers usually like to have the raw takes to work with, but it is also productive to receive a final take edited and mastered.

Frequent Questions

Could you record an audition of my script?

Yes, when it is needed. Send me a message with the script, the artistic direction and a short explanation of what you want to achieve with this tailored sample for your audition before you hire a voice over professional.

Can we schedule a meeting or a remote-directed session?

Yes, absolutely. Because of the extraordinary successful experiences with American and European studios, I encourage you to book a remote-directed session if you have specific, minute requests regarding the performance/pronunciation or if you would like to direct me and see the magic happen as we were together in the studio.

You can monitor my performance recording and provide real-time feedback through the majority of teleconferencing apps (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, WhatsApp, Skype...) or you can record me in real-time through Source Connect, Session Link Pro and Clean Feed.

Ready to start? Need something else?

If you would like to benefit from Amanda's expertise, message Amanda and talk directly to her about your project.

If still you haven't found the tone, style, interpretation and vocal attributes or traits you were looking for, you also can ask her about previous works with a specific vocal characteristic to have access to a plethora of additional demos and specific samples in her repository, or even check her availability for an audition or personalized sample.

Contact Amanda

Send a message and receive her reply immediately.

Feel free to write your questions and project details here - your information is safe.