Authentic English & Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over Actress with Home Studio & Source Connect

amanda de andrade native brazilian portuguese voice overs studio English voice actress and voice talent

Amanda is a voice actress hugely talented and very professional.

This was a documentary voice-over dubbing for the BBC [dubbed from Brazilian Portuguese voice over to English].

She was very attentive to meaning and intonation of the original material and totally lifted the script off the page with her delivery.

Emily Williams, Whistledown Studios' Audio Engineer - London, UK

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda [on a voiceover narration] for a short film recorded on the northern beaches of Brazil.

Her voice carried a warmth that felt like a soothing embrace, enriching every moment. I could hear her smiling, her tone embracing authenticity with each word, adding an extra layer of charm to the project.

It was truly a delightful collaborative experience.

Yanick Dusseault, Art Director at Lucas Film & Stars Wars AD Team - Montreal, CA