For Children & Toddlers - Suitable Brazilian Portuguese Female Voice Over

children painting and drawing Brazilian and United States of America flags with pencils and ink

Amanda (bilingual Brazilian Portuguese and American English voice talent with a home studio) has more than 10 years of experience with child education and has developed suitable tones of voice to communicate with toddlers, children, and teenagers in each challenge, moment, and stage of their development.

Reel with Several Tones of Voice - Narrator, Characters, Fun

From her broadcasting voice-over studio, she records male, female, and children's voices for toys, videos, apps, games, educational content, and audiobooks for a very special target audience that can go from 0 to 18 years old.

Download Native Brazilian Portuguese Female Voice Over Demos

Bedtime Stories - Pleasant, Natural Voice, Narrator
Multiple Characters for Animation - Male, Female and Kids
The 3 Baby Owls - Rich, Colorful Narration and Characters
Angolan & European Portuguese - Young, Captivating, Cartoon Voice

When it comes to communicating with kids, it is important to understand how, instead of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or synthesized voice, a human, real-person voice affects positively child cognitive and emotional development. In each project she carries on, clients benefit from her meticulous acting, musical, and creative skills. She's able to enrich a script and turn words into a live, real-time experience.

Amanda's voice is free from vices, accents, rigidity, commonplaces, or limitations. After all, for children to develop hard, soft, and solid communication skills, the voice artist must be particularly careful with diction, inflection, emotional state, pace, and timbre, so that children can understand, enjoy and learn from the experience.

At the same time, Amanda cultivates a very remarkable vocal signature - her own way of speaking, her own style. It's that she has her own charismatic style of delivery and she's able to use it in favor of the client, in the role of a mother or a teacher, or modulate her speech in a way that sounds neutral, steady, not identifiable, suitable for roles as narrator and Voice of God (Goddess).

Videos for Children in Brazilian Portuguese

Funny, Expressive, Interesting Narrator's Voice - Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story for Kids - Funny, Expressive, Interesting Voice Over in Native Brazilian Portuguese

Energizing, Exciting, Caring, Loving - Day Affirmation for Kids

Day Affirmation for Kids - Energizing, Caring, Loving Voice Over in Native Brazilian Portuguese

Soothing, Calm, Warm, Relaxing - Bedtime Affirmation for Kids

Soothing, Calm, Warm, Relaxing Female Voice - Bedtime Affirmation for Kids in Native Brazilian Portuguese

Young, Upbeat, Natural, Musical, Natural Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over - Yousician

Young, Upbeat, Natural, Musical, Natural Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over - Female Voice Talent

Funny, Charismatic, Sweet, Lovely - Character's voice for Game and App

Funny Voice Over for Children - Characters and Games - App for Kids - Native Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over Actress

Conversational, Relaxed, Educational, Dubbing - Teacher, Instructor role

Conversational, Educational, Dubbing Voice Over in Native Brazilian Portuguese

English Female Voice Over with or without a Brazilian Accent

Cheerful, Very Young - ESL - for Children

Genuine, Inspiring Adult Voice - International English - for Teachers and Parents

International English voice over with Brazilian Portuguese Accent - Genuine, Inspiring, Growing - Oxford - Voice Talent

Clients' Proven Results in Narration for Kids

Oxford University Press, Playmobil, Discovery Education, StoryBook App & Familify, GoKids, and many more companies have been trusting Amanda to communicate with children, students, and teachers all over the world.

Frequent Questions about Voice Over Services

What equipment do you use in your recordings?

I record in a treated, isolated vocal booth on a Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone and a Focusrite Scarlet interface. I can use ProTools or Adobe Audition CC.

My audio has been approved by other broadcasting studios, audio engineers and producers around the world through Source Connect and other live-directed software.

My studio is silent and acoustically treated, and provides crispy, full sound (more info on my voice over recording studio).

I can comply with the most demanding production guidelines regarding SNR, clean recordings (breaths, clicks, and noises), clear and steady pronunciation, and consistent volume and tone throughout hours of audio recording. You can listen to a raw, dry sample here:

Studio Sound Test - RAW, DRY, Unprocessed, low SNR

Do you have a question about Voice Over Services?

Do you have more questions? It's easy: ask Amanda or find your question on the FAQ's page.

In Amanda's words

I work very closely with companies from all continents to localize games, apps, and educational videos for kids from as small as 2 years old all the way to teenagers. Being the children such a special audience that deserves care and respect for its delicacy, I plan the voice attributes with expertise, carefulness, and responsibility.

Unique benefits and advantages

Conveniences for you

What's most expected from a voice actress for a recording for children:

  • passion and experience in child education;

  • vocal flexibility and creativity to implement quickly and accurately what the client asks or expects;

  • understanding of the kid's development stage or circumstance in which the voice will be used to employ the appropriate tone of voice, pace, and energy to achieve the goal of the content, be it to entertain, explain, connect, stimulate, empower, or to relax to sleep;

  • and invisible acting - nothing can sound fake in voice-over, including for children.

Vocal Versatility & Locale Accuracy

Amanda's studio also offers 24/7:

  • A male voice (young adult, adult, mid-age, characters and original voice)

  • Children's voices (boys, 4 to 10 years old, with the ability to perform characters and original voices)

Amanda's vocal range and creativity allow a variety of real and unique roles and characters. She developed characters such as:

  • Children (boy and girl)
  • Creatures and AI
  • Female Teen
  • Female Adult
  • Non-binary voice and neutral gender
  • Middle Age Female
  • Seniors Male and Female.

She performs intrinsically the following accents and dialects:

  • Accents: American, Russian, European, and Brazilian

  • Brazilian native dialects: neutral, paulista, carioca, mineiro and catarinense (manezinho). She's speaking both carioca and paulista accents since she was a kid and she incorporated other accents because she used to live in those geographical regions.

She can also create unique characters with new, exclusive linguistic and para-linguistic traits.

Additional & Complementary Localization Services

Besides having those characteristics, Amanda also:

  • records remotely from her fully equipped home studio, both offline (with multiple takes for the producers to pick) and online (in a remote-directed session through Source Connect, for example);

  • records lip-sync on-site or in another preferred studio in Brazil;

  • deliver synchronized, ready-to-be-embed audio files, with expressivity and range, which is crucial for entertainment;

  • translates or provides a professional to adapt scripts to make it sound even more natural, compelling, organic, native or "speakable" within mouth movement timeframes and the character's personality;

  • produces ADR and Dubbing projects from the original version (script preparation and translation) all the way to casting, directing, recording, curating, mixing dialogues, and mastering the final episode.

If you need a male, a kid, and/or another female voice, feel free to ask. Amanda and her studio are partners of other artists, studios, and creative professionals in the US, Europe, and Asia.

She's picky and exigent when it comes to casting as much as she values variety and contrast when receiving auditions and directing voice actors. Ready to start? Need something else?

Ready to start? Need something else?

If you would like to benefit from Amanda's expertise, message Amanda and talk directly to her about your project focused on Child Education and Entertainment.

In case you still haven't found the tone, style, interpretation, vocal attributes, or traits you were looking for, you also can ask her about previous works with a specific vocal characteristic to have access to a plethora of additional demos and specific samples in her repository, or even check her availability for an audition or personalized sample.

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