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Whether you need Brazilian voices for single, unique voice-over recordings for your company or have a more demanding, bespoke localization project that requires Brazilian Portuguese voice talents, talk to Amanda. She's leading the next generation of voice acting and elevates projects and results above and beyond the median.

She's a world-class Brazilian Portuguese voice over artist who provides female and male voice-overs from her Broadcasting studio in Florianopolis city, Santa Catarina state, both in Brazilian Portuguese and American English in a way that positions clients with stature and uniqueness.

Amanda also has been managing and advising localization, ADR & dubbing projects in more than 10 languages for companies on 5 continents.

Her team solves problems whenever a freelance record Brazilian voice is needed with full-process quality above the ordinary. The projects vary and the client's industry too - however, the teams, companies and artists involved have high-level mentality, expertise and commitment.

If you need Brazilian Portuguese voiceover recordings or a dubbing casting of Brazilian voice talents, talk to Amanda. She has a team that's part of a selected network of agencies, producers, directors, actors, editors, creators and artists with the right mindset: peak performance and extraordinary results.

To benefit from her expertise in vocal design, Brazilian Portuguese dubbing and professional voice recording, send a message with your project's requirements, specifications and estimated budget through any channel of your preference: phone, Skype, email, WhatsApp, Source Connect, social media and more.

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