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REEL with Brazilian accents from Sao Paulo and Rio - Several styles

With a straightforward and agile approach, Amanda's studio has been helping agencies, producers and marketing teams with her versatile and trained voice both with neutral accent and with genuine and native accents like Paulista, Carioca, and Mineiro (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais).

Charming, Conversational, Believable & Real Person Voice Over in Brazilian Portuguese

[Charming, Conversational, Believable & Real Person Voice Talent, Artist & Actress - Voice Over in Brazilian Portuguese] (

Send her a message about your project in Portugese, Brazilian or English, and immediately receive her reply, through e-mail, WhatsApp, contact form or other preferred method.

Sao Paulo accent - Neutral National Broadcasting Paulista - Brazilian Portugeuse

Inspirational, Truthful, Believable - Microsoft
Authentic, Friendly, Dubbing, Real Person - Mapfre
Calm, Relatable, Genuine yet Polite, No Background Music - Uber
Super Excited, High Energy, Contagious - Shell

Rio de Janeiro accent - Light Carioca Style - Brazilian Portugues

Rocky, with Energy, Car Retailing - Movida
Soft, Staid, Introspective - Linus & Canal OFF
Warm, Melodious, Charming - Spotify & Tramontina
Young, Happy, Upbeat - Inversa
Sassy, Funny, Off-script, Conversational - Inter Bank

Brazilian accent in English - Bilingual Demo Reel

Rocky, Punchy, American English - Podcast Intro
Storytelling, Gravitas, Magnetic - International English
Confident, Straightforward, Charming - Mercado Libre
Pure, Innocent, Empathetic - Ford Foundation

RAW Sound Studio for QA and Source Connect

Studio Sound Test - RAW, DRY, Unprocessed, low SNR

She also manages larger projects with the participation of other genuine voices and native Brazilian voice actors and accents in native Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian English for Commercials, Corporate Videos, Dubbing, Apps, Video Games, Education, Training and other several bespoke localization projects.


  • Brazil has 214 million native speakers;

  • We export Entertainment and eLearning in our own accent for other Portuguese speakers (from Brasil to Portugal and African countries);

  • We are rich in valuable, critical resources,

  • We are rich in people, contrasts and culture: Indigenous, African, European, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish colonies among other welcome groups,

  • We export art and creativity,

  • We have all classes of consumers, including a thick upperclass, a solid elite and other groups that are willing to invest money and time in high-end products and services, as well as in luxury and differentiated education.

  • And we have the most profitable corporations and industries here, both international and native companies.

You can see why Brazilian Portuguese (or "Português Brasileiro" as we call it in Brasil) is a highly appreciated language.

Those unique characteristics seem to be the major reasons why Brazilian Portuguese voice artists and dubbing / ADR artists are so requested to localize all forms of content to Brasil, Portugal and African countries, such as Angola and Mozambique, as well as to Brazilian colonies, professionals and immigrants all over the world. For this, we are focused on offering both male and female Brazilian voice artists for projects that aim to European, African and Brazilian Portuguese audiences.

Download demos in Brazilian Portuguese

Below you can download videos and audio files of some of her featured voiceover projects in the most important accents from Brasil:

REEL with Brazilian accents from Sao Paulo and Rio - Several styles

Intimate, Sexy, Natural, Warm, Relaxed - O Boticário

Intimate, Naturally Sexy, Warm, Relaxed Voice from Sao Paulo

Good Energy, Funny, Sassy, Upbeat, Authentic - Yousician

Good Energy, Funny, Sassy, Upbeat, Authentic Paulista

Conversational, Young Gravitas, Inspirational - Ágora

Good Energy, Funny, Sassy, Upbeat, Authentic Paulista

How it's to work with Amanda

Conveniences for the client

What's sets Amanda apart:

  • she's a writer and a researcher on written and oral languages: Amanda has deep knowledge of the European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and regional dialects, different accents, phonemes, grammar, orality, and how to tweak the sound of consonants and vowels according to each project and emotional intention;.
  • she's a creative director and audio engineer: Amanda has the ability to smoothly work along and receive feedback from other creative directors, audio producers, studio owners and the team involved, in a live-directed session or offline recording;
  • she's a classical trained musician and composer: Amanda has vocal flexibility, versatility and creativity to perform a variety of voices and implement quickly and accurately what the director is asking;
  • she's an actress: she masters invisible, genuine, nude acting - nothing can be faked in voice-over - and in life.

Vocal Versatility and Locale Accuracy

Amanda's vocal range and creativity allow a variety of real and unique roles and characters in English. She developed characters such as:

  • Children (boy and girl)
  • Creatures and AI
  • Female Teen
  • Young Female Adult
  • Female Adult
  • Non-binary gender (undefined, mixed gender)
  • Middle Age Female
  • Seniors Male and Female.

She performs intrinsically the following accents and dialects:

  • Accents: American, Russian, European and Brazilian
  • Brazilian native dialects: neutral/national, paulista, carioca, mineiro and catarinense (manezinho).

Additional & complementary services

Besides having those characteristics, Amanda also:

  • records remotely in her home studio, both offline (with multiple, organized takes for the producer to pick) and online (in a remote-directed session through Zoom or Source Connect, for example);

  • records on-site or in another preferred studio in Brazil (can travel abroad if needed);

  • deliver raw yet clear audio files, with expressivity, dynamics and range;

  • translates and adapts scripts to make them sound even more natural, compelling, organic, native or "speakable";

  • proposes unique blends of accents and can help develop ideas, copywriting & brief, all the way to casting, directing, recording, curating music, mixing and mastering the final piece;

  • provides Brazilian casting for dubbing, big localization projects, and social media entertainment (Youtube, TikTok, Instagram) for both mass, cost-effective projects as well as bespoke, sophisticated projects with the best and most reputed voice actors in Brazil.

  • is a latina Voice Casting Director and she can select the perfect Brazilian voices for your project. She has Brazilian, European and regional Portuguese male and female additional voices among a selected group of seasoned or freelance voice over actors, actresses and voice talents. Feel free to mention the diversity and level of accessibility you want, along with which gender, voice type, accent, age and tone you are looking for your targeted region or audience.

If you need fully edited audio files, feel free to ask. Producers usually like to have the raw takes to work with, but it is also productive to receive a final take edited and mastered.

Frequent Questions

I didn't find a voice sample that fits what I'm looking for...

I understand! You can always reach out to me and ask for a specific tone of voice or style, because there are many styles and tones that are not showcased here, for example: a super strong, empowered voice for a funny documentary on Rock'n'Roll, or a suuuper calm, relaxed voice for Hypnosis. In summary, I've done almost every tone you can imagine - just ask.

How much voice actors charge in Brazil?

We charge approximately what a voiceover professional charges in Western Europe and the United States, with the difference that there are fewer outstanding Brazilian Portuguese voice actors in Brazil than there are American English voice talents in the USA, for example.

Yet, price is only one of a dozen things that must be aligned in order to make a deal. I don't dismiss a great project simply by the budget.

Requirements, size of the project, quality of audience, level of difficulty, quality of communication, client's commitment, and project organization - are some of the characteristics that impact the price as well as everyone's well-being throughout the project.

So even if you have a limited or pre-fixed budget for an important, serious project, know that we can talk and discuss the details.

Keep in mind that it may be possible to readjust the quote or the workflow according to your budget - if I can, I'll do it, with the highest quality, as always.

I'm aware of the industry standard rates but I'm not tied to them or limited to them.

Sometimes they are too high, sometimes they are too low.

For this, I stay flexible enough to accommodate reasonable budgets, especially for large projects and long-term relationships.

Can we schedule a remote-directed session?

Yes, absolutely. Because of the extraordinary successful experiences with American and European studios, I encourage you to book a meeting, call or remote-directed session if you have specific, minute requests regarding the performance/pronunciation or if you would like to direct me and see the magic happen as we were together in the studio.

You can monitor my performance recording and provide real-time feedback through the majority of teleconferencing apps (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, WhatsApp, Skype...) or you can record me in real-time through Source Connect, Session Link Pro, VST Connect and Clean Feed.

What's your turnaround time?

I usually reply in 30 minutes and deliver urgent recordings in less than 1 hour, in or out of business hours.

If the project is up to 30 minutes of finished, edited audio, and it doesn't require such urgency, I can deliver on the same day.

Feel free to share what are your needs and concerns so I can check my availability to match your schedule.

Could you record an audition of my script?

Yes, when it is needed. Send me a message with the script, the artistic direction and a short explanation of what you want to achieve with this tailored sample for your audition.

Have more questions? We are excited to help you! You can see more Frequent Answers and Questions or call Amanda in her studio.

More about Brasil

So if you are serious about expanding your business, you are considering Portuguese as one of the main languages for your content. For this, you need a bilingual Brazilian Portuguese voice artist who can match the high level that's expected from European and American audiences and Spread Brazilian consumers across all continents.

Therefore, a simple Brazilian Portuguese native speaker acquainted with EN or a Brazilian voice talent orally fluent in English is not enough to cut through. The voice talent must not only be fluent to discuss the project but must be of world-class to match the quality of your audience. And such a talented voice actor is like a pearl in the ocean.

Be it in Brazilian English or Native Portuguese spoken in Brazil, the voice of our people can be mesmerizing, magnetic, exotic, whimsical, attractive, or even quirky, or innocent. It can add transparency and purity. It can add a brand new scent, for this blend has never been experimented before. Brazilian Portuguese is charming and vibrant. Your project deserves to be know by our people.

Brazilian Language

Portuguese (português or, in full, língua portuguesa) is a Western Romance language of the Indo-European language family, originating in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. It is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe, while having co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau.¹

Brazilian Portuguese language is a group of 17 dialects that are spoken inside the territory. While using regional accents and dialects has been soaring in benefit of inclusion and diversity, _paulista_ and _carioca_ are the ones that are most often used in Official or Government events, for Broadcasting and when a project is aiming for a broad audience and a clear message delivery, especially the dialect spoken in central São Paulo.

With approximately 230 million native speakers and 25-30 million second-language speakers, Portuguese has approximately 260 million total speakers. It is usually listed as the fifth-most spoken language, the third-most spoken European language in the world in terms of native speakers and the second-most spoken Romance language in the world, surpassed only by Spanish.²

Brazilian emigrants are all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America countries. The Brazilian diaspora was responsible for spreading Brasil's language and culture to people who have adopted it as a second language to communicate with friends, and relatives, to sing bossa nova and samba, and even to consume our unique entertainment production.


  • Compared to American and British English and even European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese usually takes more time to deliver the same message. We use more vowels, fewer consonants and have longer words - not to mention the riches of vocabulary that usually results in long phrases. This lengthness is even noticed in oral communication. We Brazilian like to talk and enrich our speech with adjectives, phatic function words, modifiers and adverbs. It usually affects synchronization, dubbing and length or audio files.

  • Brazilians in general usually don't usually consume information and entertainment in other languages, not even English or European Portuguese, as it is common for Portugal's natives due to the geographic position in Europe and constant touch with other countries.

  • Brazilian and European Portuguese are very similar regarding written text. We share almost all vocabulary, syntax and phonetic sounds. When it comes to speech, the difference becomes evident. Still, using Transatlantic Portuguese - a new combination of Portugese - is a safe, non-nonsense communication tool to broaden the audience across the Atlantic Ocean for companies that want to produce one single version for both Brazil and Portugal users.

  • Brazilian Portuguese is mutually intelligible with Portuguese spoken in Portugal. However, it is easier for European Portuguese natives to understand Brazilians than the opposite.

  • When recording a Brazilian or European portuguese voice over with a native voice over talent, make sure that the voice actor is from the country at which the voice-over's audience is aimed. It's frequent for Brazilian to receive voiceover scripts in European Portuguese. So we recommend checking with the client if:

    • the script is only for Brazil;
    • the script is only for Europe;
    • or if it is for both countries - in this case, look for a Brazilian voice artist who can perform Transatlantic Portuguese.
  • If the script is in European Portuguese and the voice-over is aiming for Brazilian audience, let the voice talent know and ask for him/her to adapt the script. Written European Portuguese can sound weird and suspicious when spoken out loud for Brazilians by a Brazilian.

Ready to start? Need something else?

If you would like to benefit from Amanda's expertise, message Amanda and talk directly to her about your project.

If still you haven't found the tone, style, interpretation and vocal attributes or traits you were looking for, you also can ask her about previous works with a specific vocal characteristic to have access to a plethora of additional demos reels and specific samples in her repository, or even check her availability for an audition or personalized sample and the Brazilian voice reels of artist she work with.

¹ ² Wikipedia

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