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Top-performing producers, advertising companies & marketing agencies want a lean, agile workflow that is on par with their reputable projects. The solution to keeping the perfect workflow flourishing even during the sound & voiceover stage is to have the right voices & professionals presented to you & your client with optimal convenience and easiness by an expert voice casting director.

Amanda de Andrade is a Brazilian Voice Over Casting Director & Language Director for special and challenging localization projects
Amanda de Andrade is a Brazilian Voice Over Casting Director & Language Director for special and challenging localization projects

Creatives come to me looking for:

  1. handpicked voices that are rich in variety, performance, and contrasts to please the client's ears in the first round of samples;
  2. a native Portuguese voice talent agent's personal assistance for convenience and easiness during the process;
  3. the guarantee that they will have the voice(s) & performance(s) their client wants because I know the width, height, and depth of the Brazilian voice plethora of artists that offer Brazilian Portuguese voice-over and their strengths, vocal attributes, and proven capabilities;
  4. verified world-class quality in all voice samples, in all aspects (studio quality, parameters, voice actress reputation, commitment to briefing, acting skills, and more).
  5. and predictable, reasonable, approvable quotes and costs.

Consider having the assistance of a Brazilian voice-over specialist to help you execute your project within the brief and the budget while being fast and accurate in satisfying your client. You're welcome to send us a message with your preferences, concerns, and project details in order to receive initial guidance.

How can a Voice Specialist help agencies & producers?

A Brazilian Portuguese Voice Specialist has 3 areas of expertise that can be combined or used individually in crucial moments of the project:

  1. Language: Brazilian Portuguese language in all its ins and outs (grammar, colloquialism, conversational aspect, articulation, word choices, prosody, orality, accent issues, slang and regionalisms, and more);
  2. Voice Art & Technique: ever-growing savvy about all parameters of acting & voice performance;
  3. Market: Brazilian Voice and Actors market's particularities and opportunities (quickly providing only available and suitable voices; having privileged access to voices that would be not available or easy to find by the client; booking voiceover talents through my studio and taking responsibility for the contracts, terms, taxes, negotiation and even payments; warranting the client's rights of ownership and usage of the voice; scheduling studios and connected sessions, if necessary, and more).
Get advantage of these 3 Areas of Expertise of a Brazilian Voice Over Specialist
Get advantage of these 3 Areas of Expertise of a Brazilian Voice Over Specialist

Depending on the stage and budget of your project, you might benefit at least from one of the following ways I help agencies and production companies:

  • Language director & Interpreter (for assistance in EN-BRPT and vice-versa during a live-directed session, for example, proposing adjustments in the script, improving the voiceover artist's pronunciation and helping refine the linguistic aspect of the voiceover)
  • Voice Director (to guide the voice talent inside the brief and/or review his/her VO)
  • Voice contracts negotiation (to make sure the client is safe and the voice-over is cleared for the intended usage in Brazil and worldwide)
  • Hiring a voice talent in Brazil (to help you navigate safely and successfully inside the national VO market particularities, national price ranges, and voice talents available in Brazil or Brazilians in other countries)
  • Casting Director (to fit a role by suggesting and grouping the best voices and actors according to the brief and/or preparing meaningful and tailored auditions)
  • Voice Talent Agent (to propose the most authentic and unique voice your project needs to be selected from my V.I.P. list of elite voice actors and actresses)
  • Directing and recording Brazilian voice talents in our studio in an independent way (so you and the client can receive multiple takes of the voiceover without needing to be online with us)
  • Directing Brazilian voice talents in your preferred recording studio by connecting all of us (our studio and the selected voice talent) with your team and preferred studio through Session Link, Source Connect, iPDTL, and other remote-recording technologies, or even using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp call and other teleconferencing apps.
Agencies & Producers benefit from a Brazilian Voice-Over Casting Director for High-End Clients
Brazilian Portuguese Language Director & Interpreter - Amanda de Andrade
Brazilian Voice Over Director - Amanda de Andrade
Brazilian Voiceover Contracts Negotiation for Better Terms & Costs
Hiring a Brazilian Studio or Voice Talents in Brazil & Abroad
Casting Director for Brazilian Voices - Amanda de Andrade
Voice Talent Agent for Fresh & Hidden Artists or Seasoned & Elite Voice Actors
Directing & Recording Brazilian Voices in our Studio - Amanda de Andrade
Directing Brazilian Portuguese Voices in your preferred Studio - Amanda de Andrade
Elevate your client's experience and results with the help of a specialist

If you are looking for any of the services above or even if you need a tailored, personalized help that's easy to explain personally, you can reach me directly through my email - projects@amandadeandrade.com - describing the help you need and I'll reply to you so we can find the solution.

What does a Voice Over Casting Agent do?

Voice Casting Directors and Voiceover Agents find the best voice actors to inhabit the single role of a commercial, for example, or multiple roles for an audio drama - everything is done according to the client's brief and the Creative Director’s vision and the Producer's budget inside the agency or the production company.

What does a Voice Over Casting Agent or Director do?
What does a Voice Over Casting Agent or Director do?

I've been helping creatives from advertising agencies and production companies to find and hire the best voice actor for their localization project in Brazilian and European Portuguese. They benefit from efficiency and a high approval rate due to my rich network of fresh voices and carefully selected professionals in the market, be they looking for one voice or a variety of child, male and female voices, be them new, never heard before, and full of potential, or be them seasoned, experienced and reliable voice artists.

The 3 major difficulties I overcome for creative professionals are:

3 Major Challenges for Marketing Agencies & Producers in Voiceover Casting & Auditions
3 Major Challenges for Marketing Agencies & Producers in Voiceover Casting & Auditions
  1. the overwhelming variety of unverified voice options, with shocking discrepancy in following the brief, sound studio quality and professional posture;

  2. the even more shocking discrepancies of prices on usage fees, sound studio fees, voice talent session recording rates, overall costs and payment methods,

  3. and the cultural / language barrier and particularities, especially when the voice actors don't speak English or Spanish fluently, or when the end client has, for example, a team in Brazil with locale requirements, high expectations and preference to provide feedback in Brazilian Portuguese. In the last scenario, an international agency would benefit from having a dependable person to be the bridge between the client's team and the voice artist.

Bottomless Pitfall: Voice Actors Websites & Casting Platforms

In summary, the bottomless pitfall is that the voiceover market is flooded with giant companies' casting websites promising dozens of auditions and infinite voiceover actors micro websites that definitely don't make things easy for marketing & multimedia agencies when it's time to present the clients with tangible quotes from solid voice actors with suitable samples and auditions.

Month by month, I've been noticing those platforms presenting more and more voice over quality and incoherent quotes (for more - opportunists - and for less - amateurs -) and voice actors distrusting more and more clients' requests for auditions. The volume of available voices might be increasing but the attention to detail, market fit and the right energy are missing among auditions.

Serious agencies and multimedia production companies know the value of being successful in each step of the project, including the auditioning and VO production stage, in order to serve well their estimated clients.

Voice Over Auditions & Casting Done Right

Daily, I work with serious marketing agencies and audio-visual producers who value their own projects, manage their workflow efficiently, and know the value of their clients' ideas. Professional creative people prefer working with professional creative people - that's just how it is, and that's why I've been helping them in their workflow, casting stage and voiceover production with the most suitable voices for the project and inside a predictable and approved budget.

So if you are serious about your project or your client's project, you don't want to waste time and resources with unprepared and unprofessional people who consider themselves as voice talents. Every day I see with my own eyes the positive impact of auditions, casting and VO recording done right.

Perfect Voices for Your Multimedia Project

Instead of avoiding or procrastinating in this bottomless pitfall of posting an audition call, managing a client's expectations and requirements, or selecting random voice samples in the hope of satisfying the client, consider the possibility of enjoying a comfortable, smart and efficient workflow. In this more convenient scenario, you'll have at your disposal the right professionals as fast as possible, through a personalized, human-curated audition call or casting with:

  • complementary voice attributes, personalities, ages, genders and qualities;
  • voice artists who are ready to follow the brief of the project;
  • one or multiple roles, for a small or big project;
  • diversity, authenticity & inclusion;
  • the right tone of voice and versatility to satisfy the client with the presented options and help the client pick up one (or more) voice(s);
  • professional voice actors inside your budget;
  • the real names of the voice talents exposed or a blindfolded selection focused solely on the voice;
  • voiceover pros' verified ability and condition to deliver the desired sound, artistic quality and the highest professionalism and congeniality.

Together is so much better

If you consider being assisted by a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and artistic director specialized in voice over casting, voice over production, auditioning calls and strategic voice curation, write to us.

We welcome you, whatever the size of the project or the challenge you're facing now in your multimedia production or project's localization to Portuguese.

You are welcome - how can we help you move forward in your project today?
You are welcome - how can we help you move forward in your project today?

Tell us what kind of service you are looking for and we'll reply with an initial panorama of possible solutions and what can be done within your budget to help you progress the best way you can.

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