Brazilian Dubbing Voice-Over Production for Mapfre

blond woman with purple blouse for mawdy Mapfre commercial video

Let me show the backstage of this thrilling dubbing project that were supposed to be a live directed session: for which I was selected through an audition and notified on Monday, one day before the required recording session through Session Link Pro.

A project which had very specific instructions regarding artistic direction.

A project that required a script adaptation to be delivered immediately, in 1 hour after being notified, but...

...But this project ended up being a self-directed, offline recording, delivered on Monday, 1 hour after I received the translated script, the original video in Spanish, and the background music.

How did it all happen so fast?

Project's file

  • Final Client: Mapfre
  • Intermediate Client: International Voiceover Agency
  • Deliverable: adapted script + 1-minute dubbed lip-synced video
  • Genre: Manifesto, Corporate, Enterprise
  • Techniques: Dubbing, ADR, Mouth movement & Lip synchronization, Script adaptation, Acting, Mixing, Video Editing
  • Usage: internal, website, and social media
  • Artistic Direction: was supposed to be received in an online session with the clients in line and recorded by the intermediate studio, but ended up being self-directed.
  • Studio: Recorded in Amanda's Home-Studio

Dubbed Video in Brazilian Portuguese

Lip-sync, Dubbing, Increasing Energy - Mapfre & Mawdy Manifesto
Dubbing / ADR audio track

International Voice Over Agency: Project Management and Translation

Amanda de Andrade: Voice over and script adaptation for dubbing


Initial Scenario

The first scenario in which this project would take place was:

  • Monday: Script adaptation as soon as possible

    • Wait for script adaptation approval
  • Tuesday: Recording session at 9 am Brazilian time, 1 pm Spanish time

New Scenario

After some discussions and drawbacks on the client's side, I received another email with a new second scenario:

  • Monday: Record the script as it is, without adapting it; Deliver the synchronized audio file in 1 hour

    • The client checks it at night and chances are that we'll still need the recording session anyway because the artistic directions are demanding and they don't believe it'll be achieved without an online, live direction
    • But there was no way of scheduling or confirming the session without they reviewing my first delivery
    • When I was supposed to deliver, it would already be evening, and I would only know the client's answer the next morning, a couple of hours before the expected recording session.
  • Tuesday: Recording session anytime around 11 am or 12 pm Brazilian time

I was having lunch when that email arrived. Well... it was the first time I was working with Luis and his agency, and even though it was a high-demanding situation and the circumstances were adding stress and uncertainty to the project, Luis and the agency seemed very engaged, communicative, and well-organized. I took a deep breath, got prepared for the challenge, smiled (genuinely!), looked at the clock (1:40 pm), and proposed a third scenario.

Third scenario

  • Monday: I finish my lunch and do all this before 3:30 pm:

    • I adapt the script without additional costs - it's a matter of honor, of aiming for excellence. What I really care is about the result. I know what works and what doesn't. And some words weren't working in favor of the video.

    • I send the adapted script text file, along with the synced, dubbed audio file of my version of the script

    • I also send another synced, dubbed audio file of the originally translated script, without my suggested modifications, so the client can choose.


We did it that way. And I did even more: I mixed my voice-over with the music and sent the dubbed video. It would speed up the process of getting approval or feedback from the client.

Happy Ending

The next day (Tuesday), I received Luis' email:

Luis's testimony regarding our dubbing & ADR recording in Brazilian Portuguese
Luis's testimony regarding our dubbing & ADR recording in Brazilian Portuguese

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